What is Alliance for Global Inclusion?

Our coalition of technology companies, formed in 2020, is committed to providing tangible, innovative solutions to the industry's historical shortcomings in the Diversity and Inclusion space. This partnership has an exponential effect — and helps us drive change across the industry at a much faster rate, because, as they say, there is strength in numbers.

We believe we can accelerate the adoption of inclusive business practices across industries through transparency and collaboration. On this site, we are openly sharing practices, progress and lessons gained through this collective effort — and we invite you to join in as we work towards accomplishing our goals.

Our Commitment

Our Goals 4 Goals, Across People, Markets and Society

To improve diversity, equity and inclusion outcomes in technology for our people, our markets and our communities worldwide, the coalition is focused on four goals.

  • Leadership representation

    Develop representation guidance for board and senior executive roles reflective of customers and communities served.

  • Inclusive language

    Drive awareness, dialogue and industry-wide change for inclusive language in products and documentation, amplified through partnerships with standards bodies and academic institutions.

  • Inclusive product development

    Commit to leveraging existing intervention points in Artificial Intelligence product development to mitigate bias, and embed diversity, equity and inclusion considerations into Artificial Intelligence product lifecycle.

  • STEM readiness in underserved communities

    Improve STEM readiness for youth in underserved communities by increasing technology access and partnering with wrap-around support services.

Want to be a part of the CDIO or CEO Coalition?

Please send us your contact info and we will setup a call to discuss joining the coalition.