Our commitment: collective goals, transparency and action

Innovation and change require collaboration. Because our collective technology, products and services are business pillars that can change the world and improve lives, the companies that comprise the Alliance for Global Inclusion are in a unique position to drive substantive change. We must all lead together to amplify outcomes for diversity, equity and inclusion goals around which the technology industry is rallying — using survey data as input and CEO endorsement as a platform.

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Alliance for Global Inclusion

The Alliance for Global Inclusion is a global network of CEOs and their respective diversity and inclusion leaders who are committed to amplifying and accelerating diversity, equity and inclusion outcomes for the technology industry. Its vision is to leverage the strength of technology-driven inclusion to unify and create collective impact across all coalition companies and their communities. Unlike other coalitions, the Alliance for Global Inclusion has collectively defined diversity, equity and inclusion priorities with shared accountability. The coalition can also leverage the strength of individual partner connections to influence diversity and inclusion goals beyond what is attainable by a single organization.

Over time, the coalition will advance its goals and grow its members, measurements and sharing of best practices. Together, the coalition is committed to:

  • Applying company-specific solution approaches.
  • Driving diversity, equity and inclusion outcomes across companies at various stages in their diversity, equity and inclusion journeys by sharing lessons learned.
  • Continuing to convene for the purpose of building a transparency strategy by reporting on progress.

By publicly pledging to develop and implement actionable goals and align on diversity, equity and inclusion practices, participating companies can take advantage of resources and tools on a new coalition website.

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Commitment in action

Coalition members are committing their companies’ scale, expertise and reach to work with others in technology to accelerate adoption of inclusive business practices and unified goals. While many individual companies are leading by example, the coalition will allow the technology industry — and, by adoption, any industry — to make and measure collective improvements. In particular, the coalition believes that further progress can be made in achieving greater levels of women and underrepresented minorities in senior and technical positions, accessible technology and equal pay.

The coalition will focus on three impact areas:

  • People: organizational, talent and culture-focused strategies that build diverse, equitable and inclusive companies
  • Market: embedding diversity, equity and inclusion into decisions and processes affecting customers and markets
  • Society: actions that align diversity and inclusion to partnerships and policies that aim for broad community impact

Coalition partners will collectively address four critical goals within those impact areas: leadership representation, inclusive language, inclusive product development and STEM readiness in underserved communities.

Transparency has also been a critical part of advancing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Open sharing of data enables organizations to celebrate progress, confront setbacks and drive change. The coalition believes that transparency is a vital step toward real change — and that it is our responsibility to raise the transparency bar for ourselves every step of the way.

Thus, the coalition of companies not only commits to a shared set of goals but also to publishing its progress on these collective industry measures. The coalition will look at factors such as representation data and equity, and progress in promoting women and employees from underrepresented groups into senior roles. In addition, the coalition seeks to increase accessibility to technology for underserved communities and those with disabilities.

Inclusion index and survey

The global inclusion index is a public platform to promote global diversity, equity and inclusion goals, systemized by a cohort of chief diversity and inclusion officers (CDIOs) with support from their respective company’s chief executive officers (CEOs) for the technology industry. Its data represents the current state of representation and inclusion practices within the industry. And its aim is to uncover challenges and opportunities of diversity, equity and inclusion within the technology industry and to help drive collective action and progress.

An inaugural inclusion survey served as the data-driven input to the global inclusion index. In 2020, it was released to several companies, primarily within technology, to pulse best practices and understand the current state of diversity and inclusion delivery. It also measured representation and leadership sentiment regarding the impact of diversity and inclusion strategies. The survey was administered securely, driven by Qualtrics technology, and survey results were analyzed in aggregate and shared with coalition partners.

Intel and Deloitte developed the survey through research on existing diversity and inclusion practices in technology and with input from Intel’s diversity and inclusion leaders. Research canvassed published studies, tools and indices measuring diversity and inclusion to formulate questions and measurement tactics based on frequently used and leading-edge practices. The survey aimed to improve transparency and is a baseline for tracking practices in diversity and inclusion across the industry.

The global inclusion index will be updated bi-annually to ensure that it solicits and provides the most accurate information on best practices and opportunities to improve diversity, equity and inclusion outcomes across technology and other industries.

Overall, the inclusion index and coalition goals are intended to help drive critical transparency around diversity, equity and inclusion data; coalition building among leaders within and outside of the technology industry; and broad impact on diversity, equity and inclusion opportunities across multiple dimensions, including talent, business and policy.

Continuing the commitment

Today’s greatest diversity, equity and inclusion challenges require more than conversations — they require a shared commitment to a global plan of action. By developing a coalition across leading technology and adjacent companies, the industry can unite to solve current challenges and ensure a more diverse, equitable and inclusive future. It can also serve as an example for other industries to adopt a similar framework to help drive progress and impact across all global workplaces.

The inclusion index and Alliance for Global Inclusion present a historic opportunity to reset and ensure that workplaces globally are more diverse, inclusive and just. The coalition believes that now is the time to focus organizational energy on uniting as a collective of companies across industries to try to solve together the challenges of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. While companies are making progress by looking inward, it is important to lead together with a shared purpose to improve our world, hold ourselves accountable to commitments and share data transparently so others will do the same.

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