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Our coalition of companies, formed in 2020, is committed to providing tangible, innovative solutions to historical shortcomings in the Diversity and Inclusion space. This partnership has an exponential effect — and helps us drive change at a much faster rate, because, as they say, there is strength in numbers.

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The Partners Company Profiles

Applied Materials

Headshot of Pamela Sherman, Managing Director, Culture of Inclusion at Applied Materials
Pamela Sherman Managing Director, Culture of Inclusion

Applied Materials values great talent and diverse perspectives, knowing our differences can be our greatest strength as a global leader. We value a culture of inclusion based on diversity, equity and belonging. We celebrate different perspectives and experiences, and understand that exciting innovations come from combining technology, talent and capabilities in new ways.

We align who we are and what we stand for as a company with what matters to our employees and their communities. We understand the power of technology to improve people’s lives and believe our innovations make possible a better future. Learn more about diversity and inclusion at Applied Materials.

Working together, the coalition can accelerate progress in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion across our industries and communities.

Correlation One

Headshot of Janna Millette, Senior Director, People Operations at Correlation One
Janna Millette Senior Director, People Operations

Our mission at Correlation One is to accelerate the realization of digital transformation strategies by scaling digital acumen. We believe that talent is the key to organizational success and that data holds the promise for change. Our workforce development programs help companies manage the people side of data and instill new digital skills across the organization.

We are committed to helping enterprises future-proof their workforces and create a more diverse data ecosystem through global programs like our Data Science for All (DS4A) initiative, custom enterprise training, and data competitions.

Correlation One is a technology company whose mission is to create equal access to the data-driven jobs of tomorrow. Our culture and business focus was founded on the belief that equitable representation of women and underrepresented minorities results in a more inclusive voice and a more equitable future.


Headshot of Vanice Hayes, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Dell
Vanice Hayes Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Dell Technologies is committed to transforming businesses, shaping the future of innovation and developing technologies to drive human progress. We view diversity and inclusion as a business imperative that will enable us to build and empower our future workforce while also doing our part to address societal challenges.

A diverse and inclusive environment ensures that Dell is a place where people want to work, team members feel they belong and our values reflect those of our customers. Put simply, creating a diverse and inclusive culture is key to how we will continue to grow our business and ensure success, both today and in the future. Learn more about diversity and inclusion at Dell Technologies.

In all ways we work and live, let’s come together to better understand each other and the unique challenges we face. Let’s celebrate. Let’s show empathy. And let’s continue innovating and identifying ways we can all be our best.


Headshot of Bruce Owen, Vice President, Employee and Community Impact at Equinix
Bruce Owen Vice President, Employee and Community Impact

Equinix’s vision remains clear: to be a place where every employee, every day, can truly say “I’m safe, I belong and I matter,” and for our workforce, at all levels, to reflect and represent the communities in which we operate. We know that teams that represent diversity of thought, identity, experience, culture, and backgrounds generate the greatest innovation and business outcomes.

Equinix is on a journey to embed diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB) in all our business activities and is fully committed to advancing DIB as a critical part of our business objectives and our global commitment to protect, connect and power a more sustainable digital world.

As a core value of our company, we have invested to expand our CEO-led, DIB program awareness and participation to all levels of the organization, globally. By partnering with experts in the field we have built a long-term strategy to achieve our DIB objectives and will hold ourselves accountable to delivering that strategy by tracking our progress against concrete and measurable DIB outcomes. Learn more about Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at Equinix.

It takes all of us to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. The burden of progress should not only be placed on a few.


Headshot of Dawn Jones, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, VP of Social Impact at Intel
Dawn Jones Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, VP of Social Impact

Intel has been focused on diversity and inclusion for more than a decade. In 2015, it began a quest to become a more diverse and inclusive company—even setting goal a goal to attain full representation of women and underrepresented minorities in its U.S. workforce by 2020—a goal it would reach two years early.

Intel continues to foster an inclusive culture and drive an industry transformation by creating opportunities for women and URMs to pursue STEM careers, driving solutions to retain its current URM and women talent, and more as it seeks to become the most inclusive company on the planet and to fulfill its purpose: creating world-changing technology that enriches the lives of every person on earth.

The goal of this alliance is to establish a unified set of diversity and inclusion metrics and standards to better track progress and identify areas of improvement. We invite others to join us to create positive change within corporations, our communities and society at large.


Headshot of Joni Podolsky, Director of Global Inclusion & Diversity at KLA
Joni Podolsky Director of Global Inclusion & Diversity

At KLA, inclusion and diversity is a shared aspiration, commitment and responsibility. Making a meaningful impact that contributes to advancing humanity has long been part of our DNA, and KLA, like society, benefits when we are able to work with diverse teams to harness varying perspectives and talents in the furtherance of humanity.

Our people drive our success, and we celebrate the diversity of backgrounds and experiences that all employees bring to the table. To maximize the potential of our employees and their positive impact on our company and communities, we enable an inclusive and diverse culture that promotes collaboration and innovation. We work hard to attract, retain and celebrate the industry’s most talented people at all levels, leveraging technology to promote inclusive hiring, attracting candidates from diverse pipelines, and investing in our existing talent to increase representation in leadership across the company. Learn more about Inclusion & Diversity | KLA.

Inclusion truly happens when we are innovating together, working to solve the most pressing problems for our customers and for society. Through the Alliance no company is working alone in their DEI journeys, and together we will make a difference.

Lam Research

Headshot of Antoinette Hamilton, Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Lam Research
Antoinette Hamilton Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity

Lam Research’s diverse and talented workforce offers invaluable perspectives that fuel our innovation. We embrace inclusion and diversity (I&D) as a core value and proactively create opportunities to attract, retain, develop, and reward our employees. The events of 2020 underscored the importance of these efforts more than ever — thus, we elevated I&D to one of our six areas of strategic focus for the company, resulting in a comprehensive review of our policies, employee benefits and programs through an I&D lens. This focus allows us to accelerate our progress on a variety of initiatives over the next several years.

The three core pillars of our I&D vision include fostering inclusion, increasing diversity and sharing our progress. We expanded this approach by creating specific goals for I&D and developing an organization-wide strategy to achieve them. Read more about Lam’s commitment to build a culture of inclusion and diversity and recent momentum in our journey.

Diversity and inclusion bolsters an equitable future, and we remain steadfast in fostering a stronger, more inclusive culture at Lam.


Headshot of Chess Avant-Garde, Head of Global Responsibility at LiveRamp
Chess Avant-Garde Head of Global Responsibility

At LiveRamp, we believe data has the power to change the world. We believe that investing in our employees and the communities where we do business is foundational to building an exceptional corporate culture and driving long-term business success. One of our core company values is, “Above All, We Do What’s Right.” We believe we do not sit apart from society, and issues of equity, inclusion, and belonging are as relevant at LiveRamp as they are in the broader communities and industries in which we work. That’s why our team’s diversity, inclusion, and belonging efforts are a cornerstone of our innovative culture. We approach this work with focus, humility, and a growth mindset. By emphasizing a work environment where all are welcome and can thrive, we’ll catalyze our progress toward being an exceptional company and building an equitable future for all.

Enabling a culture of belonging and innovation is impossible without global, company-wide commitments to Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. From those who volunteer to lead Employee Resource Groups to the individual contributor ensuring that their teammates feel welcome to collaborate as their whole self, the journey is a team effort. Read more about our Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging practice.

LiveRamp is where diversity, inclusion, and belonging are part of our everyday operations; where we leverage our people and product for the public good; where our culture is built on respect and responsibility; where anyone who is part of our company can thrive. We make data safe and easy to use; the same goes for running our organization.


Headshot of Fran Dillard, Vice President and Chief Diversity Inclusion Officer at Micron
Fran Dillard Vice President and Chief Diversity Inclusion Officer

Our vision at Micron is to transform how the world uses information to enrich life for all. The phrase “for all” emphasizes our values as an inclusive company and supports our journey to create opportunities for everyone. It is not just about representation; it is how to do business. Diversity, equity and inclusion have moved beyond HR practices, squarely into business strategy.

Micron believes our best innovation springs from our team members’ diverse experiences, perspectives and backgrounds. To further sharpen our focus on inclusion, we are adopting new hiring practices and targeted programs to support our underrepresented team members in their advancement at all levels of the company. Read more about how Micron is making strides to eliminate bias and help build a culture of inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion are essential to how we work at Micron and in how we support our team members. It drives our innovation and enhances our market competitiveness. Our commitment continues beyond our walls, extending into the global communities where our team members work and live, in support of social justice and fairness. This partnership is a critical step toward building a semiconductor industry committed to championing initiatives that address shared opportunities for all.


Headshot of Laura Agharkar, AVP, Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Culture at NASDAQ
Laura Agharkar AVP, Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Culture

Nasdaq’s purpose is to champion inclusive growth and prosperity. The company powers stronger economies, creates more equitable opportunities and contributes to a more sustainable world to help its communities, clients, employees and people of all backgrounds reach their full potential. Nasdaq is committed to advancing equality across its global workforce by increasing investments in its diversity and inclusion efforts. This includes enhancing the company’s communication, training, development, professional advancement and talent acquisition programs.

In 2020, Nasdaq launched its Purpose Initiative, designed to support women and underrepresented minority communities with the resources needed to grow and sustain their businesses. The Purpose Initiative comprises the company’s corporate sustainability, employee volunteerism and philanthropic programs — including the relaunched Nasdaq Foundation. In the past year, Nasdaq has pledged $7 million in donations to organizations providing critical assistance to communities disproportionally impacted by the global health, economic and social justice crises, including: the Equal Justice Initiative, the NAACP’s COVID-19 project and World Central Kitchen’s Restaurants for the People program.

When employees feel empowered to bring their most authentic selves to work, free of judgment or prejudice, they experience a true sense of belonging that transcends the workplace, helping to create a more inclusive future for all of us.

NTT Data

Headshot of Terri Hatcher, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at NTT Data
Terri Hatcher Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

NTT DATA is committed to supporting a sustainable culture of inclusion through education, awareness, engagement and accountability. We know that it is through our differences that we create strength.

We are working to drive behaviors that will support and improve diversity of all kinds. We have employee resource groups to help employees who share common backgrounds and interests to establish networks, discuss issues, share ideas and propose change. These groups have been essential in helping to drive change and engagement. We’ve established a Talking About Race portal to share information and perspectives.

We’re committed to making our workforce and our leadership team more diverse through practices, tools and accountability. A culture of inclusion must be sustained, which takes continuous focus on providing education and experiences that increase awareness around what it means to be inclusive. Certainly, we’ll continue to have events occur that have an impact on our employees, clients and communities. So we will evolve our focus areas and programs as we continue creating and sustaining an inclusive culture at NTT DATA.

A sustainable culture of inclusion requires learning and engaging together.


Headshot of Karen Ashley, Vice President, Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Providence
Karen Ashley Vice President, Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Providence, we use our voice to advocate for vulnerable populations and needed reforms in health care. We are also pursuing innovative ways to transform health care by keeping people healthy, and making our services more convenient, accessible and affordable for all. In an increasingly uncertain world, we are committed to high-quality, compassionate health care for everyone – regardless of coverage or ability to pay. We help people and communities benefit from the best health care model for the future – today.

It is critical that we are part of the movement to join hands and look deep into the communities we serve to build the communities up in healthy ways; development and opportunities to grow in healthcare careers is paramount in driving healthy communities and healthy people. Being part of the Alliance allows us to partner and expand our reach to those communities by providing opportunities in healthcare and the sciences.


Headshot of Oona King, VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Snapchat
Oona King VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Snap, our mission is to contribute to human progress by empowering people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world and have fun together. Every day, hundreds of millions of Snapchatters from all backgrounds, all over the world, use our services to express themselves authentically, and we want to reflect and support the diversity of our community in both our products and our team. We are committed to becoming a more fair, inclusive and anti-racist company, and living up to that promise in the culture we create for our team, the products we design and the larger tech ecosystem we contribute to.

To support this work and drive meaningful, systemic change, we are focused on baking our DEI strategy into every aspect of our business. Within our team, we are focused on scaling empathy, so that all team members feel intrinsically motivated to do their part; redesigning our product and engineering systems to build products that work for all Snapchatters; and rolling out comprehensive accountability mechanisms for all team members, including our executive team. Read more about our work and progress in our 2021 Diversity Annual Report.

Equity is an idea whose time has come. Although long overdue there is no silver bullet: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion require long-term collective effort to change hearts, minds, and systems. And that is what this coalition sets out to do.


Headshot of Tami Richards Garcia, VP, Human Resources at TEL
Tami Richards Garcia VP, Human Resources

At TEL, we embrace the power of our diverse talent across a globally borderless company inspiring innovative solutions, leading to increased corporate value for a sustainable society. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) are integral leadership pillars that support our continuous innovation and - growth.

Our goal is to foster a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone is encouraged to continuously learn from one another and be empowered to draw upon their individual experiences, perspective, and background to succeed. Our D&I initiatives create a diversity-conscious talent pipeline reflective of our communities to increase the diversity of our people and build inclusive teams that encompass different genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, ages, races, ethnicities, religions, and abilities.

We all have a role to play to ensure diversity is respected and to create inclusive cultures where individuals have a sense of belonging and are able to contribute to aspirations and vitality for all employees to maximize their full potential.


Headshot of Mariella Palacios, Sr Advisor, Global Inclusion & Diversity at Zebra
Mariella Palacios Sr Advisor, Global Inclusion & Diversity

Zebra aspires to create a diverse workforce where employees can bring their best selves to work and where all employees are seen, heard, valued, and respected. Zebra is a dynamic community of builders, doers, and problem solvers. We take pride in creating a culture of respect, collaboration, inclusion, and innovation. We bring diverse people and big ideas together in a collaborative, candid environment to propel our creative thinking. We are also deepening the impact we have on the communities we serve by dedicating time and resources through service and support of organizations making an impact on inclusion.

By working together, we can accelerate progress to break down the systemic barriers effecting inclusion and diversity within our places of work and our communities. It’s only when we create an environment where all of us can be our true authentic selves that we can harness our collective power and potential.

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