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Inclusive Leadership and Issues Impacting LGBTQ+ Employees

A chat with Micron’s Fran Dillard, Vice President and Chief Diversity Inclusion Officer

Photo of Fran Dillard, Vice President and Chief Diversity Inclusion Officer at Micron.

Why did you Join the Alliance?

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”- African Proverb

Micron joined the Alliance for Global Inclusion because we saw the vision. Our partnership represents a critical step in building an industry committed to championing initiatives that address shared opportunities for all. The greatest value for Micron is the collective commitment of corporate members to diversity and inclusion.

We are committed to building the workforce of the future through traditional and nontraditional workforce development pathways to ensure equitable opportunities for underrepresented communities.

Strategic partnerships are critical in informing our efforts and achieving this goal. The work we are doing together, in alignment with our respective CEO’s advocacy, sets the stage for common goals rooted in purpose and accountability that will ultimately lead to better outcomes for diversity in our industry. I feel fortunate to be a part of this unique coalition of leaders, DEI professionals, and advocates.

What is your/Micron’s philosophy for inclusive leadership?

Diversity and inclusion are essential to how we work at Micron and support our team members. It drives our innovation and enhances our market competitiveness. Our commitment continues beyond our walls, extending into the global communities where our team members work and live, supporting social justice and fairness.

I firmly believe the key to building an inclusive culture in our industry is courageous leadership, strong and action-oriented industry alliances, and being intentional in how we embed DEI focus areas into all aspects of our business with strategic passion and partnerships.

Tell us about the recent Micron-hosted event, “Beyond the Rainbow: Forging a path for true LGBTQ+ understanding and inclusion.”

At Micron, we believe creating a space for real talk, and real solutions are essential. We are proud to have partnered with the Alliance for Global Inclusion to launch and recently host Beyond the Rainbow, an invitation-only forum for Alliance members. PFLAG’s Director of Learning & Inclusion, Jean-Marie Navetta (she/her/ella), served as global speaker for the event

The interactive forum focused on forging a path for true LGBTQ+ understanding and inclusion in the workplace. The forum featured a presentation from PFLAG on the latest trends, terms, and data in the LGBTQ+ community.

Participants also aligned on the top 3 key focus areas in future discussions: improved relations with Government Affairs, navigating the political landscape and expanding strategic Allyship programs.

A total of 35 participants representing corporate CDIOs, Pride/LGBTQ+ Leaders, allies, and executive sponsors attended, with an impressive 73% of Alliance partners represented and engaged at the event.

By hosting this event, we are inspiring support for more inclusive spaces for our Pride and LGBTQ+ communities through authentic conversations among peers. We look forward to continuing to share innovative solutions to foster the next generation of inclusive stewardship.