Initiative Spotlight

Dell’s autism hiring program

Recruiting and hiring diverse talent

Neurodiverse individuals bring sought-after abilities to the workforce but face barriers to employment. Dell Technologies helps those on the autism spectrum reach their full potential.

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As companies have worked to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in recent years, many have come to recognize the potential in neurodiversity, which Stanford defines as “differences in brain function and behavioral traits as part of normal variation in the human population.”

The problem and opportunity: a tight labor market and an underemployed source of talent

This neurodiverse group may include individuals with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and those on the autism spectrum, and many studies have shown this group is dramatically underemployed compared to the wider population. Companies are discovering, however, that neurodiverse employees also bring a diverse set of skills and capabilities, from innovative thinking, attention to detail and problem solving to honesty and reliability.

At the same time, many companies face both a competitive market for talent and an unrelenting need to innovate. Companies like Dell Technologies.

The solution: a program focused on hiring and supporting neurodiverse employees

Within the broad category of neurodiversity, Dell focused first on those on the autism spectrum with its Autism Hiring Program. The program aims to rethink the traditional interview process and remove barriers that may limit an individual from fully showcasing their true abilities and potential.

Dell designed the program’s hiring and selection process with the Neurodiversity in the Workplace Initiative. Opportunities span many of the company’s varied businesses and include paid summer internships that can lead to full-time employment.

Learn more about the program on Dell’s website.

Additional resources

A growing number of services, communities and resources are available to help employers increase awareness, understanding and accommodation of neurodiverse individuals, such as: Autism at Work, the Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN), The Neurodiversity Hub and the Neurodiversity in the Workplace Initiative.