The Alliance Maturity Model

Diversity, equity, and inclusion represent a personal commitment, organizational commitment, and for the Alliance, a collective commitment. We recognize that one size does not fit all. The Alliance Maturity Model offers a simple framework to visualize the progress an organization is making on their DEI journey.

The Alliance Maturity Model

The AGI Maturity Model includes five different levels. Each level builds from the proviso one as follows:

Level 1: Risk Mitigation and Compliance

In this level, an organization’s practices and policies are focused primarily to ensure compliance of local laws and regulations

Level 2: Listen and Respond

Getting to the second level means that practices and policies are primarily reactive in responding to employee concerns

Level 3: Strategically Focus and Commit

Our third level equates to organizational leaders supporting the business case for diversity and committed to creating an inclusive culture

Level 4: Integrated and Accountable

Advancing to level four implies that a company’s diversity and inclusion goals are integrated into business strategy, and metrics are published for executive oversight and accountability

Level 5: Societal Impact and Equity Advancement

This level recognizes the potential of our global reach and impact through shared commitment and measurement

The model builds on established DEI maturity models that many use from Deloitte, Korn Ferry, and Josh Bersin. It synthesizes our findings from the Inclusion Index and aligns with the Alliance for Global Inclusion objectives. The introduction of the fifth level underscores the potential of our collective impact.

The Alliance Maturity model also acknowledges the systems-level changes we all own—from the CEO and executive leadership team to middle managers to every employee in any organization. When we collectively work at Level 5, we can truly move the needle at industry and global levels.

The diagram below shows the five different levels of the AGI Maturity Model to help organizations measure their progress through their transformation with the Alliance.

A diagram that shows five different levels to help organizations measure their progress in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The Alliance for Global Inclusion is positioned in between levels three and four.

The Alliance for Global Inclusion is positioned between Levels 3 and 4. An individual's journey travels typically from Level 1 through Level 5. A collaborative workstream of the Alliance travels from Level 3 to Level 5. A collective impact with global reach is acquired through Level 4 to Level 5.